Freelance Gephysical Consultants Ltd


Freelance Geophysical Consultants Ltd. can provide seismic processing Quality Assurance and comparative analysis for data processed outside of the Operating Company's site. For such work related to 3D seismic processing Q.A./Q.C., we are capable of providing the following services as deemed necessary by the client:


· Processing bid evaluation and appraisal.

· Processing management, including liaison between the processing contractor and Operating Company.

· Processing consultancy, recommendations for testing based on the particular processing contractors algorithms and capabilities, and parameter determination and selection based on contractors testing.

Finally, we would like to say that our goal is to keep the client well informed about the survey activities with a precise and accurate daily, weekly & monthly basis report. Later on when the survey is completed, we will be including an appropriate Final Report with remarks, comments and recommendations. The data Out of Tolerances set by the industry standards and the Oil Operating Company will not be accepted and if any major problems arises, they will be solved between our Field QC Consultant and the seismic contractor, leaving the Oil Operating Company management undisturbed, but always well informed about the situation and the overall status of the ongoing seismic operations.

These services would be performed in conjunction with the Field 3D QC Acquisition Geophysicist for continuity. An experienced processing geophysicist would be used with the prior approval of the Operating Company.

Suggest processing sequence algorithms, how to use Radon and T-Pau filtering for removing multiples in marine seismic and how to use thr proper software for land statics and have a good tomography model and an excellent velocity model to pick velocities. Finally if needed,how to migrate and what to migrate in the Depth ot Time Domain.

  We could provide some of our consultants to go the the final processing center, else to the seismic crew and perform Field QC Processing. Whether the algorithms and routines being used by the procesors, contain all relevant process flows and sequence in order to get a good proper interpretation without pitfalls. We could provide the manpower and also the workstation ( Linux, Unix or Windows base O/S) with tape rader with the software to QC process the land or marine field seismic data seismic data. We go all the way from A to Z including Geometry until PSTM and PSDM. You can Make better drilling decisions faster with superior seismic data processing.

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