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Field Operations 3D QC Project Geophysicist

The Field Operations 3D QC Project Geophysicists assigned to this project will remain on site until the project is. The intent is that one Project Geophysicist be assigned to the project but relief’s may be required depending upon project duration. Duties, on an ongoing basis, will be to liaise between the Operating Company, project geophysicist and the geophysical contractor and to provide field supervision for the various aspects of the data acquisition phase. Duties include the following:

· Ensuring that quality standards are maintained.

· Ensuring that safety standards are maintained and those environmental restrictions are observed.

· Ensuring that the project is conducted in a professional manner.

· Ensuring that all equipment meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications through ongoing daily, weekly and monthly test cycles.

· Liaison with all parties on a daily basis.

· Liaison with the Processing QC Geophysicist and UNOCAL (as required) upon completion or during the acquisition phase to ensure continuity.

· Providing supervision of production and time charges to ensure adequate cost control.

· Operation of Field QC Systems and interpretation of results.

· Quality control of the spatial coverage of data after the removal of information which is out of specification (bad shots, bad groups, etc.) during the acquisition period and liaison with all parties on a daily basis.

· Seismic and survey attribute analysis.

Much of the data input, system operation and analysis can be performed by one person depending on ease of access to input and if any field processing e.g. 2D stacks are required.


Seismic Data Interpretation:

We provide a fully integrated geological and geophysical approach to seismic interpretation. Our technical support is provided by in-house computers equipped with unique programs to assist in seismic interpretations. We specialize in solving seismic stratigraphy problems.

We provide: The design of field acquisition parameters (e.g., shot point spacing, source types, source array design, geophone array design, field spread configurations, selection of recording equipment and recording settings, and procedures for minimizing field logistic problems. Services for negotiating and accepting bids for contract seismic acquisition work. Field Supervision of seismic crews to insure parameter adherence and to promote high quality data collection.

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