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Freelance Geophysical Consultants Ltd. can provide seismic processing Quality Assurance and comparative analysis for data processed outside of the Operating Company's site. For such work related to 3D seismic processing Q.A./Q.C., we are capable of providing the following services as deemed necessary by the client:


· Processing bid evaluation and appraisal.

· Processing management, including liaison between the processing contractor and Operating Company.

· Processing consultancy, recommendations for testing based on the particular processing contractors algorithms and capabilities, and parameter determination and selection based on contractors testing.

You can contact me for a full free Excel Spreadsheet with MACROS to read and display data from Sercel VE432 and VE464. The aps and vaps file could be read and display ll the vibroseis attributes for the entire's day production.

Survey Operations Planning and Geodetic Consultancy with its unique arrangement of QC personnel and its in-depth knowledge of all types of operations in all areas of the world, built up over the years, can instruct, assist and advise in planning all operational aspects of a seismic survey. This service includes: Discussion of all survey objectives, including a visit to the survey area, if necessary, to understand operational problems. Review of environmental and safety considerations; recommendation of acquisition techniques.

Meeting with the contractor to optimize techniques and procedures, preparation of technical, environmental and safety standards. Review of geodetic data relating to the survey area, ensuring datum, spheroid, projection of WGS 84 (GPS) datum shift parameters are correct. We are able to provide communications systems to modem data and reports via the Internet or directly to a communication station located in the client's office. We use the latest communications hardware/software such as Internet, Inmarsat, and high-speed phone lines. We currently use specialized software with the most efficient and reliable seismic data compression to economically transmit data via the satellite communications hardware as well as conventional landlines. We provide a fully integrated geological and geophysical approach to seismic interpretation. Our technical support is provided by in-house computers equipped with unique programs to assist in seismic interpretations. We specialize in solving seismic stratigraphy problems.
We provide:

The design of field acquisition parameters (e.g., shot point spacing, source types, source array design, geophone array design, field spread configurations, selection of recording equipment and recording settings, and procedures for minimizing field logistic problems. Services for negotiating and accepting bids for contract seismic acquisition work. Field Supervision of seismic crews to insure parameter adherence and to promote high quality data collection.

1. Reserve and Economic Evaluation
2. Integrated Project Management- Exploration and Production
3. Feasibility Studies-Particularly Russia and the CIS
4. Field Development Optimization
5. Fiscal Regime Analysis
6. Reservoir Engineering
7. Expert Witness Services
8. Technical Translations

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