We have been providing field seismic acquisition consultancy. land and marine 2D, 3D and 4D-4C for CO2 detection & monitoring. Wide Azimuth surveys such as WAS-0, WAS-1, WAS 1.5 and WAS2.

More services includes high density channel crews using 24 vibrators and 60.000 channels on the ground using distance separated slip sweep, DS3, DS4, Flip Flop, ISS, TDMA, Sercel Guidance System, DSD Network, Technical Audit with vibroseis or impulsive energy source , parameters design.

We service in South America and Worldwide, either land heliportable, portable and vibroseis. Also transition, OBC and marine seismic surveys. I have worked with all major Oil Companies, either South Americans or North Americans. We have a wide variety of consultants from different nationalities capable to dealing with sensitive environmental countries, such as Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay,Brazil and Venezuela. I provide services such as: 3D Design, Project Managers, Operation Geophysicist, Safety Audits, Technical Audits, Total Project Management.

We have expertise in land jungle heliportable operations in the countries of Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia. Lately providing seismic consulting services to the Middle East and Asia, countries, such as Oman, Iran, India, South Korea,, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Cotonu, TChad, Nigeria, Congo, Libya, Kurdistan, Burma, Australia, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Russia, Turkey Antarctic, China,North Sea, Australia, Scotland, Netherlands, Iraq,Curacao, Bonaire, Bermudas, Panama, France, England, Germany,Malta, Algeria and Sudan.

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